Avanti to launch three prestigious projects worth Dh 1bn

Avanti to launch three prestigious projects worth Dh 1bn

Avanti Holding has announced the launch of three projects at the same time, in Dubai. The news came to reaffirm the company’s position as a key player in the real estate industry across the U.A.E. The company already delivered to the market 6 other projects in the last two years in the UAE, the... 

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Anara Tower of Dubai

Anara Tower of Dubai

Anara tower of Dubai: an overview Tameer group, which is one of the greatest professional builders and developers, is all set to complete the entire construction of Anara tower by the year 2009. They have planned to built it about 2150 feet high that would be 500 feet shorter than the renowned building... 

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Jamie Oliver to establish in Dubai

Jamie Oliver is the famed celebrity chef from the Great Britain is going to settle in Dubai, as well as in his hometown- Essex, in UK. His cooking TV show has proved to be the greatest hit of all time in the international television just like the national TV of England. He is one of the best and renowned... 

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Jumeirah Gardens

Jumeirah Gardens

The development of Meraas group, Jumeirah Gardens is a mixed use building of Dh 350 billion. It has been projected in a wide area of about nine million square meters. This project is designed as a part of the conceptual strategic plan 2015 in Dubai. The building is stretched in the northern region of... 

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The Gate Towers 6 Billion AED development contract awarded to ACC

Click image for large view Two great real estate companies of UAE- Tameer holding investment (LLC) and Sorouh Real Estates PJSC had announced to sign a multibillion AED contract with Arabian Construction Company i.e. ACC. According to this deal, ACC will play the major role in the construction of The... 

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More info on Nakheel Harbour & Tower

More info on Nakheel Harbour & Tower

The highly expensive project of Nakheel Corporation, nakheel tower and harbour was expected to represent the tallest building in the form of nakheel tower in the world. Earlier declarations introduced this building as the next casual capital of Dubai. It introduced the largest inbuilt marina in the city.... 

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Limitless launches US$350 Million World Island Resort

Limitless, Dubai planned to create an ultra luxury project of US $ 350 million. The wide resort of 10.5 hectare has been established on an artificial island which is 14 km away from the coastline of Dubai. The company announced the creation, ownership and operation of this luxurious resort in 2008.... 

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Meraas dreams of a 2.4km tall tower

It is really a surprising statement but true so far that Meraas, the world famous development group planned to set up a 2.4 km tall tower in Dubai. The project is named as Jumeirah Garden city for which three designs were consulted, to represent an eye catchy appearance of the projected tower, taller... 

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Ziggurat, the Timelinks project

The pioneering environmental design company of Dubai, Timelinks has decided unveiling a future city with luxurious facilities for the 2008 cityscape in Dubai. The project has been named as the Ziggurat which has been incorporated with the shape of a giant pyramid. According to the Timelinks, the pyramidal... 

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Chapal World launches Chapal Flora Residences in Ajman

Chapal Flora Residences is the latest launch by the Chapal World. The launch has been due to the company’s ongoing project in Ajman. Owners of house or residents in Ajman would have a once in a lifetime opportunity of leading themselves to living their life in luxurious villas. These villas have been... 

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